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Eco Drain System
Offers you an ALL NATURAL, GREEN Bio-Remediation Solution to Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) issues of malodors,
slow drains, backups and drain insects.
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Change FOG into CO2 and WATER
By using our proprietary blend of natural bacteria and oils. 
Great for your establishment AND municipal water system!
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Our Products

~ Are Non-pathogeniic
~ Never genetically altered
~ Treats the problem root,
   not just the effects
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Introductory Video

A short (3 minutes 12 seconds) video on the common but ineffective solutions to remediating FOG.


Eco Drain System is a dba of the Toledo-based company Blackhawk Tool & Machine, Inc. (BTM)

Mike Sapara, Jr., owner of BTM, spent the better part of his working life in hotels as chef, food & beverage manager, manager and then as a trouble-shooter to revive failing hotel properties.

Mike never found a solution to the Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) and drain flies that plague all food service businesses. So he decided to create a solution.

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Estimate Your FOG Output

Our Table or easy-to-use formula will tell you how much FOG your food service establishment creates each year.

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